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A chronic inflammatory disorder brought on by bacteria in dental plaque eroding the bone around teeth is called periodontitis. Periodontitis starts with gingivitis, or red, swollen, bleeding gums. As inflammation progresses to periodontitis, pockets become deeper, ultimately weakening the attachment between teeth and its supporting bone.
When a gum infection spreads to the bone and supporting tissues of the teeth, advanced periodontal disease occurs. As the disease worsens, periodontal pockets—between the gums and teeth—form, enabling germs and plaque to build. Untreated severe periodontitis destroys soft tissues and bone, leading to tooth loss.
A buildup of bacterial plaque is the primary reason for periodontal disease. Further risk factors include smoking, diabetes, heredity, and certain medications.
For gingivitis, professional cleanings and improved brushing and flossing may be all that’s needed. Periodontitis may need antibiotics, scaling and root planing, and surgical procedures including pocket reduction, bone grafting, or tissue regeneration, depending on how severe the disease is.
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Wonderful facility and knowledgeable staff! All the information I received was thorough. Love how Dr. Cherry's explained my situation to me. If you need a periodontist...this is the place to go to! Shuwanna


Dr. Cherry was very thorough and honest about my treatment. He was gentle and has a great beside manner. I found him to be very informative and it made me feel...hopeful! Thanks Dr. Cherry.


I went in for a consultation about a gum graft. All the staff was very kind and answered my many questions. Dr. Cherry took the time with me to listen to my concerns. I feel comfortable with getting the procedure done here.


Amazingly friendly staff!!!! - I was a bit anxious about this appointment after dealing with a situation for 4 months. Everyone, literally EVERYONE was so friendly and welcoming to me! Morgan at the front desk, Sue explaining things to me - and Dr. Cherry - all so friendly, calming and welcoming! Thanks for all that you did for me today!


Tina and Dr. Cherry both are such a pleasure to engage with each time I have my routine visits. They really genuinely care about me as a patient. I always feel valued as a patient because they customize the care to my specific needs


I had my first consultation for a second opinion with this office. Everyone was courteous and professional. I was seen promptly at my appointment time. Dr. Cherry took time examining me and explaining what treatment was needed. I plan to follow up with this office.

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